Balancing Beam

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You ever teeter more than you’d like, tipping in one direction compared to another? I do. With life and passion, with dreams and responsibility there is always a balancing act happening. Some days, I don’t feel like I have it together. Like my equilibrium is damaged.

First and foremost I’m a mom to a very active four year old, who is my everything. I wouldn’t trade being a mom for the world. But then I remember I am more than just a mom honestly. I am a passionate creator, a poet and a writer, an explorer and hippy, an editor and designer. I wear many hats and some days the switching from one to the other can become costly and exhausting.

I am working on a novel, the first I’ve ever written and I love the story and my characters. So much so, that while shopping, I passed the whiskey bottles and snapped a pic for my main character. He loves whiskey.

I’m a poet too who likes to express feelings and thoughts through rhyme and rhythm.

On the side I design book covers and format book interiors too. With a need and desire to create art, I get my fix through offering these services to others and trying to make a little extra coin.

I’m also a friend to a few people whom I love dearly. I’d be lost without them and so I am there for them when I can be. Which I prefer to be so as much as possible.

All in all… I wear many hats. I am stretched sometimes too thin and here I am merely venting and wondering where do I give up or give in, or do I adapt and grow. I suppose we don’t always know but I’m trying. I’m fighting for it all. I’m doing my best not to crumble and fall. Sometimes when I write the rhymes come out, they’re hidden in my mind, and here this sounds like a poem, that’ll show’em. Because I am flawlessly me, trying to balance on the beam, one day I’ll turn back and realize how far I’ve crossed over the abyss, for now, I’ll rest and resist the urge to stretch thin. Paying attention to where my energy levels lie, and knowing how to refuel before I shrink up an die.

Thank you for reading some mindless splurge of thoughts, how do you manage your time? Your many hats? Drop a comment if you’d like. Thanks again for being here. Get good sleep and remember to drink that water.. I know I need to. Cya next time!

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