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As promised, I’ll give a long overdue update on my novel. Where do I even begin!!??

Seraphim is the title of book one, book one of the Trials of the Outborn duology.

You read that right!! Duology. Yup. No trilogy here. The choice came as I began examining the novel and discovered there’s more here. But I couldn’t go any earlier in the story than I already had. Not for it to make sense anyways. And that there’s only enough of this story for another book. So. Duology it is!!

The story has taken me and my characters on a wild and crazy ride. Many things have changed. The major plot of the book has changed. Crazy decisions were made and here we are, I’m 12 chapters in to revisions, with 41 chapters total. Things are amazing and crazy and I love the way it’s headed now.

My characters needed this change. They needed me to give them this opportunity to fully share their hearts and souls. So that’s what I’m trying to accomplish.

I hope you all are staying healthy and safe. Drink your water and be sure to tune back in for more updates soon!!

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