Author: Tilly McGill

I’m an indie author and poet, a hopeless romantic with affinity to the classics and darker romances. I am in my early thirties and living the best life I can. I’m a mom to a toddler that keeps me busy as ever and gives me the most joy I could ask for in my life. I’ve written my entire life, drawn and taken photos. I love the outdoors and live on coffee. I have always used writing as a form of expression, as well as drawing and painting, photography and other ways to use a creative outlet. Writing has been my passion though from a young age. Which has only intensified as I’ve gotten older. Now, I have two self published poetry books and working on my first novel series. I am a hippy at heart, a gypsy soul, a lover of all things wild and outside. I am a spiritual person, believing in light and love and the benefits of shadow and fire. You’ll see firefly used often as I feel it portrays what I hope my work will embody for others. Whether it be in terms of mental health and providing a spark in the night or a glimmer of hope for love finding its way. My hopes for you dear reader, is that you realize you are never alone and that this life is a journey that is never easy. It is with its ups and downs, but through the trials of pain and heartache we can still shine. There is fire within you and there is nothing you can’t do. Shedding hope and light through my stories that I know you’ll just love!

Intro to The Fractured Veil

Hey there!! Hopefully you’re doing well as you read this and your day/night has gone great for you! It’s time I introduce the novel I’m working on The Fractured Veil.

The Fractured Veil is best described as a paranormal romance. There’s demons, and light beings, love and a turmoil, all during present day, modern times in the state of Washington.

The story of an immortal man, a bounty hunter working for a demon who survives on the light and energy of purer souls. The perfect life, moving from town to town, seeing the world, experiencing new things and people until someone changes everything.

The “mark” that’ll disrupt the life of ease but there doesn’t seem to be a choice. The soul, the heart knows what it’s needs and wants and when Emric meets Arryn, the way of things is shattered.

Join Emric and Arryn on this epic journey of love as they discover each other and what this all means, while avoiding destruction from Samson who desires and needs Arryn. As she is something of great worth to someone like Samson…

You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

Well Hello!

Greetings! I am estatic you are here right now, exploring and reading. I can’t thank you enough for giving a few moments of your time to me and my little blog here. It means a lot to me. Within this site you’ll hopefully find something that inspires you, that speaks to you, that tugs at your heart strings and maybe…