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I made this collage.

As promised here is my latest poem.


Sentiments cast down from heavenly notes, timbre sounds and reckoning blasts to earths unfound, struck, slapped, slammed to the ground, shattered, broken, shards all around,


Pieces of me, discarded and thrown into the sea, drown my dreams, when once empty fill completely, sink and drink me, make believe, fantasy, memory feelings escape me,


Persecute the red thief, heart bled into sleeves, ceramic tomb of bubble bath grieves, as she leaves preach your martyr beatings, confess systolic weaving needs, then leave,


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What a Week!

Hello readers!! Welcome back! It’s a new week!! Happy Monday to everyone and phew let’s hope this week goes better than the last!! Last week was the longest ever.

It’s been a good week since my last post, I started off pretty hot and heavy here and fizzled out. Kind of my MO. But ah well. Such is life. Last week began with my sister being in the hospital. She’s fine. Not Covid. She went in for severe abdominal pain and had to have surgery to remove her gallbladder. Her liver though was quite inflamed and bought her a couple more days in the hospital. Scary for sure. Thankfully she’s fine.

My writing has completely shut down in terms of my novel, I decided to re-outline what I had written so far and double check pacing. Looking for plot holes and making notes of anything to add. It was a quick alternative to editing what I had written. And it really helped. I’m excited for what’s to come and anxious to see the book come to an end. Book two I’m super excited for, there’s so much history and research involved. It’s going to be a lot of fun to write.

In other news I’m readying my house for Christmas and getting everything prepped and ready for the holiday that is fast approaching. It’ll be here before we know it!! I’m so excited to see my lil dudes face this year!! How are you all handling the approaching holiday?? Getting things ready?!

My other question is this… I see a lot of authors on Instagram use a greeting of sorts, “hey there wayfarers, stargazers, sirens…” is that something you enjoy or do you roll your eyes a bit reading it?! Let me know! Drop a comment!!

Have a wonderful day and week ahead, posting will be once a week unless something pressing arrives and I can’t wait to share it. Drink your water, get the fresh air and enjoy the little moments!!

Thanksgiving 2020

Brief thoughts today…

As we set upon today, if you’re in the US or an American celebrating somewhere else maybe… I hope we remember the value of family and life. Of connection. Of the tribe we grew up with. Of the history and of the path we’ve taken and gone down to reach here. Whatever that means for you. I hope today we just remember. Everything.

I remember my aunts voice yelling from the kitchen about someone grabbing more butter from the fridge, and someone yelling back to watch the pot on the stove as it’s about to boil over. I remember rolls being thrown from one room across the kitchen to the little table where my sisters and I liked to sit. I remember searching for salt and pepper and then sitting down as my stomach growled while awaiting the blessing of the food and the gathering. I remember.

I know our history as a country has come under fire and while I won’t ignorantly deny what our founding fathers did when they arrived in this land, I also understand I can’t do anything about those events. I choose to remember my reality, my memories, my family and the warmth I felt growing up and the things I want my child to know as he grows too.

Today, in 2020, things are strange, things are scary, things are… different. However you choose to spend this day I hope you do so with some heart and gratitude. However you spend today I hope that it’s something you can look back on and be comfortable with as time continues. People celebrate and carry on differently. I’d like to think we all do so to the best of our ability and what we feel is the best choice for ourselves. Today, I’ll let go of the history of this year, I’ll move past the chaos and the hate, I’ll move past the disruptions and unrest, I’ll let it go today. Because today, is something I want to look back on and say I gave my child the best day I could. I want him to feel that warmth and connection.

I hope we can allow ourselves the forgiveness for the past and move forward with light and positivity. Try not to judge others for their feelings and how they’re handling things. I’m giving myself the ability to mind my own business and breathe.

So despite the world today, I hope today is kind to you. I hope today is full of warmth and I hope your day goes well. If you’re struggling please know you’re not alone. Reach out and call someone. The holidays are hard on so many in the best of circumstances, 2020 is certainly not that… so please, reach out. Check on your neighbors, check on your friends, your coworkers, check on them. Please. It might be the prayer they’re seeking, you might be coming to them just in time. Please. Check on them.

Wishing you all an amazing day.