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Editing the First Draft

The first draft. Red pen at the ready.

Happy Monday beautiful people!! I hope you all are doing amazing and hanging in there. A lot of the United States is experiencing weird weather and all sorts of things going on.

I missed the last two weeks, life just got in the way. It happens. I could beat myself up over it but honestly, why? This isn’t a bigger priority over my other responsibilities. So meh. 😜

First draft edits began a week ago or so, and phew! Let me say that damn this is the hard part. I am not loving it. Finding my rhythm and method has taken a lot of painful hours of me staring at my computer and printed manuscript wondering what the hell do I do next? It’s sucked. Totally sucked. BUT! I found an amazing asset, an amazing tool….

ProWriting Aid!

ProWriting Aid is INCREDIBLE! This post is not at all affiliated with the program. It’s amazing for any and all writers of all kinds of skill sets. Not just novel writers. You upload your work, I suggest doing chapter by chapter- it goes faster. And it scans and analyzes the entire chapter. It looks at everything. Adverbs. Grammar issues. Pacing. Spelling. Sentence structure. Sticky sentences. Repeated words. The list goes on and on!! YOU NEED THIS APP!

My biggest hurtle in editing was not knowing where my weak points were in my work. This took the guess work out and showed them all to me. Heck yea!!

So. I am excited about editing now. Fixing plot hole and strengthening the story. Then addressing these things in ProWriter Aid… which is a free plugin attachment available for download using Chrome. With a Premium account for a yearly fee. And it honestly was not that expensive! You should check it out!

I hope this might’ve been some help to you. That’s all I’ve got for ya. Next week I’ll be sharing some thoughts on this book series I read in a little over a week. The first books I’ve read in over 4 years… gasp! I know!!!! Okay. Have fun! Drink water! Grab some sunshine and smile!! It helps!!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!! It’s a few days past Christmas and reflecting on it this year has me feeling very thankful for the family and friends I have this year. It’s been a rough year. For everyone.

This year was my first year hosting a holiday and while it was small and intimate, I was flustered and anxious to do it right. I got the good plates out and the good glasses too. Make sure the water spots on the silverware was rubbed off and had candles lit to give a nice smell and ambiance to the rooms. It was a really nice night.

My family has been very fortunate through the crazy this year. We were affected very little by the shutdowns, the economy didn’t fluctuate much for our income. We were very fortunate. I realize not many can say the same. It is my hope that this year has made us kinder, gentler and more understanding. That while there is many reasons to be upset and anxious, to lash out or melt down, that we remember most of us are all doing the best we can. And this year didn’t give us much room to wiggle with it.

I hope the holiday season has been gentle to you. And if you have friends and family unable to be with you, for whichever reason. Be kind to them and love them, call and check on them. This is a time to truly band together and remember our hearts.

Drink your water, enjoy some chocolate and pause in the night as it snows if you can because I think it’ll cleanse your soul a bit.

Thanksgiving 2020

Brief thoughts today…

As we set upon today, if you’re in the US or an American celebrating somewhere else maybe… I hope we remember the value of family and life. Of connection. Of the tribe we grew up with. Of the history and of the path we’ve taken and gone down to reach here. Whatever that means for you. I hope today we just remember. Everything.

I remember my aunts voice yelling from the kitchen about someone grabbing more butter from the fridge, and someone yelling back to watch the pot on the stove as it’s about to boil over. I remember rolls being thrown from one room across the kitchen to the little table where my sisters and I liked to sit. I remember searching for salt and pepper and then sitting down as my stomach growled while awaiting the blessing of the food and the gathering. I remember.

I know our history as a country has come under fire and while I won’t ignorantly deny what our founding fathers did when they arrived in this land, I also understand I can’t do anything about those events. I choose to remember my reality, my memories, my family and the warmth I felt growing up and the things I want my child to know as he grows too.

Today, in 2020, things are strange, things are scary, things are… different. However you choose to spend this day I hope you do so with some heart and gratitude. However you spend today I hope that it’s something you can look back on and be comfortable with as time continues. People celebrate and carry on differently. I’d like to think we all do so to the best of our ability and what we feel is the best choice for ourselves. Today, I’ll let go of the history of this year, I’ll move past the chaos and the hate, I’ll move past the disruptions and unrest, I’ll let it go today. Because today, is something I want to look back on and say I gave my child the best day I could. I want him to feel that warmth and connection.

I hope we can allow ourselves the forgiveness for the past and move forward with light and positivity. Try not to judge others for their feelings and how they’re handling things. I’m giving myself the ability to mind my own business and breathe.

So despite the world today, I hope today is kind to you. I hope today is full of warmth and I hope your day goes well. If you’re struggling please know you’re not alone. Reach out and call someone. The holidays are hard on so many in the best of circumstances, 2020 is certainly not that… so please, reach out. Check on your neighbors, check on your friends, your coworkers, check on them. Please. It might be the prayer they’re seeking, you might be coming to them just in time. Please. Check on them.

Wishing you all an amazing day.